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From the article: “South Africa has the highest recorded prevalence of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the world. The prevalence rates range from 29 to 290 affected children per 1000 live births. The rates vary a lot across the country, with the Western Cape province recording the highest. Australia could be considered to have the second highest recorded prevalence in the world with 194.4 affected children per 1000 among Australian Aboriginals. The South African government’s policy responses to this problem have been inadequate. We conducted two pieces of research. In the first, we looked at a range of policy documents to identify clauses attributed to the prevention and management of the condition in South Africa. We supplemented this with in-depth interviews to help inform our recommendations. We discovered that South Africa had introduced a host of new policy documents and there are a range of clauses in various guidelines. But the interventions are fragmented and don’t speak to one another.”