Medical and Health Humanities Africa

A network for practitioners and researchers across Africa


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Event Date Location


Medical Humanities in an African context 24-5 August 2017 Malawi
Medical Memoirs 29 August, 6 September  WiSER, Johannesburg


International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) and Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA) 2-7 May 2017 Ottowa, Canada
International conference for Culture, Health & Wellbeing 19-21 June, 2017 Bristol, UK
The Anatomy of the Image  16-18 Feb, 2017  Monash University, Australia

Past events

Malawi Medical Humanities Network

Exploring the intersections between health, wellbeing and arts & humanities in Malawi

François Matarasso

Thinking about culture as if people mattered

Indexing the Human

A network for practitioners and researchers across Africa

Leeds Centre for Medical Humanities

An interdisciplinary collaboration between the Faculties of Arts and Medicine & Health at the University of Leeds

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